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Your no B.S. bestie for mindset, spiritual business and creating your dream life.

I teach women all over the world how to overcome their subconscious patterning, establish healthy habits, and live a passionate and fulfilled life.

At 22 years old I turned down my corporate job offers, packed my life into two suitcases, and moved to Europe.

Since then I’ve traveled to over 25 countries, become a certified coach, a registered yoga instructor, and built a multiple six-figure online business.

Throughout my journey I’ve learned how to tap into the power of the Universe using some of the most elite mindset tools out there and I want to share them with you.

Are you ready to start creating the life you really want? I’ll be your virtual cheerleader, teacher and guide to make sure you get there.


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Are you ready to up-level your mindset, master the art of manifestation and start living your dream life? You’re in the right place! Tune in for inspiring conversations and unfiltered stories that will leave you feeling elevated and empowered every time you press play. In each episode I draw on my years of study, world travel, & lessons from high level mentors to deliver expert advice, actionable steps, and next-level mindset hacks. Are you in?

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